Coffee subscription - Kifaru Coffee

Why choose us for your coffee subscription?

If you are a loyal Kifaru Coffee drinker, like we are, a subscription for your favourite coffee is just the thing for you. You not only save time, but you can always be certain that you do not run out of your coffee. Your coffee subscription with us can be for our NO°3 ground coffee, NO°5 coffee beans, and NO°7 espresso beans, as well as our 1 kilo bags of NO°13, fine, ground coffee, or NO°15, whole coffee beans.

With a Kifaru Coffee subscription, you will never run out of your favourite coffee.
Free delivery – Delivery is free for orders above 80EUR.
Lifetime benefits – We will send you a gift every six months. This can be a gift voucher, or coffee, or other Kifaru Coffee surprises.
No commitment period – So you are free to stop your subscription at any time.
Free subscription – Having a Kifaru Coffee subscription with us is free; you only pay for your coffee plus delivery.
We deliver freshly roasted coffee to you each month. If you place your order on the 15th, we will send it on the 15th in the following month.

Quick start

1. Choose your Kifaru Coffee favourite

2. Put it in the basket, like when you normally place an order

3. Select subscription purchase

4. Enter all the necessary information

5. Finish your purchase

6. We dispatch your order – please note that your delivery will be made in the following month on the same date as your order

How do I know how many bags of coffee to order on my subscription?

Most coffee drinkers have 3-4 cups of coffee a day; some drink more, others less.

For one cup of coffee you use about 7-9 grams of coffee and 1.5dl of water. Using this mix, you get about 30 cups of coffee from a 250g bag, so a 250g bag allows you to brew 4 cups of Kifaru Coffee a day in a week. This guide works with our ground coffee NO°3 and our whole coffee beans NO°5.

For our Espresso beans NO°7, we recommend using 7-10 grams of coffee with 30-45ml of water. Using this mix, you will also get about 30 cups of Kifaru Espresso Coffee from a 250g bag.

So, if you are two coffee drinkers in your household, you will be using about four 250g bags of Kifaru Coffee per month. However, some drink more; others drink less, so we recommend that you try it out and adjust your subscription along the way.