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€ 6,50 - Ground Coffee for Filter


Farm Blend

Ground Coffee, Single Estate, Medium Roast

1 packet 250 g
price per kg € 26,00

An elegant, fine-spicy coffee with a strong aroma and mild acidity. Perfect for a filter coffee machine.

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NO°3 is our farm blend

NO°3 is our farm blend. It is a blend of three Arabica varieties: Blue Mountain, Bourbon and Kent. The precious Blue Mountain beans are in fact only available in our farm blend, as the first settlers planted it in between the rows of other varieties. The blend has established itself through this natural way and offers an exceptional treat for every day. The NO°3 is only sold as a ground coffee to ensure a balanced mixing ratio with the other varieties. It is an elegant, fine-spicy coffee with a strong aroma and mild acidity, which is perfect for using with a pour over filter machine or similar brewing techniques

Variety Bourbon, Blue Mountain, Kent
Roast City, Medium
Elevation 1600 meters
Process Fermented and fully washed
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