• no3 coffee product
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    Farm Blend

    Single Field, Medium Roast

    €4,75 - Fine Grind for Filter
  • kifaru coffe no5 product
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    Single Field, Medium Roast

    €7 - Whole Bean for French Press
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    Bourbon Espresso

    Single Field, Full City Roast

    €7,25 Whole Bean for Espresso
  • no9 coffee product
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    Whole bean, Medium Roast

    Available in 2019
Sustainable Coffee

Our farm is Rainforest Alliance certified

We are proud supporters of the Rainforest Alliance’s work to protect biodiversity, conserve resources for the good of the planet and future generations and ensure that workers, their families and communities are treated well.

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Protect endangered species and forest areas of high conservation value
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Provide workers with decent wages and protect their ability to organize
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Respect the rights of local communities and indigenous people
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Biodiversity conservation
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Set aside a portion of land as forest reserve
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Improved livelihoods and human well-being
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Natural resource conservation
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Wise use of natural resources
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Climate change mitigation

Want to learn more about our farm?

Get to know more about our farm history as well as the coffee production process and receive detailed insights into daily Kifaru Coffee farm life.

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