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Day Trip to our farm

Come visit us at our farm and experience our passion for coffee

Our farm, the Shangri-La Estate, is located in Northern Tanzania, at the foot of the NgoroNgoro Conservation Area. Come and experience the home of one of Tanzania’s best premium coffees produced and sold directly by our farm.

kifaru house
Just passing by?

Experience life on our farm

If you have already booked your safari holiday, feel free to ask your driver guide to pull over and visit our farm. Shangri-La Estate is located only 5 minutes from the main road leading to the NgoroNgoro crater entrance gate. Have a short walk through our farm and get to know the origin of our premium Kifaru Coffee.

Our Location

Shangrila Estate, Karatu, Tanzania

The farm area on the edge of NgoroNgoro Crater covers an area of 600 hectares and is as diverse as the nature that surrounds it. An unforgettable experience in a unique landscape with coffee trees lined up in the fields, protected by umbrella acacias from too much sun, and bordering directly to the NgoroNgoro National Park.

The perfect daytrip

Pre-book a coffee walk

Depending on the season, visitors’ can experience at first-hand how coffee trees are planted and pruned, coffee berries are harvested and fermented, or how the beans are dried and sorted. A comprehensive introduction given in our visitors’ centre, followed by a walk through our fields with one of our coffee guides will provide you with great insights into our farm history, growing processes and culture.

After a 2h trip around, you have the opportunity to relax with a cup of coffee on our beautiful colonial-style farm house located at the center of our farm. Deckchairs in our subtropical garden right in front of our veranda allow for optimal enjoyment.

Our two lodging facilities

Make yourself at home in the center of one of Tanzania’s most beautiful destinations

Our farm, the Shangri-La Estate, is located in Northern Tanzania, in the natural paradise of the vast highlands between the NgoroNgoro Crater and the Kilimanjaro. The farm is located  in the immediate vicinity of one of Tanzania’s most beautiful and animal-rich wildlife territories, including renown safari-destinations such as the NgoroNgoro conservation area, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park. Thanks to the location of the farm, depending on your preferences you can start a new and unforgettable safari-adventure every day and experience the life on a Tanzanian coffee farm, as well as the hustle and bustle in the neighbouring village of Karatu.

Our Farm House

Shangri-La Farm House

The heart of the farm is the old colonial-style farmhouse. Four double rooms, a large salon, a veranda and a subtropical garden are perfect for rediscovering the flair of older times and relaxing after a long safari-day.

Living Room

Dining Room


Garden Veranda

One seems to dive into bygone colonial times in the old and cosy farmhouse from the 1920s, located in the centre of the farm. With its large spacious lounge and open fireplace, safari trophies hanging from the walls, and a covered veranda opening to our wonderful and lush garden, one would not be surprised to find Hemingway smoking a pipe and philosophising about the hunt. This colonial charm is seamlessly combined with modern conveniences where three double rooms and one triple room await the guests. At Shangri-La, you will be able to observe the farm life at first-hand. The property is the centrepiece of the farm.

  • Rooms 3 x double rooms, 1 x triple room
  • Board Service Full
  • Tips and drinks Not included
US $100
rack rate per person
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Our Guest House

Samaki Tatu Guest House

Situated on slightly higher grounds, the newly built Samaki Tatu (Swahili for “Three Fish”) Guesthouse offers an unforgettable view over the entire farm and beyond. Anyone who would like to see even more buffaloes and elephants or take a refreshing swim in the pool after a hot day of touring through national parks will feel at home here.

Living Room

Dining Room



Samaki Tatu is situated at an altitude of 1750 meters. The name means “Three Fish” and is a playful reminder of the farmer’s roots in Denmark. Located right at the edge of the NgoroNgoro Crater, Samaki Tatu offers unparalleled views over the coffee farm as well as a game watering point. Wildlife corridors on the farm enable the wild animals like elephants and buffaloes to freely leave the national park and enjoy grassing areas provide for this purpose. The spacious house has five double rooms and is designed for travel groups or families. For families with a large number of children, visitors can also use our “bunk-bed room” with five bunk beds. The friendly team in the house ensures the guest’s well-being and allows for a perfect feel-good atmosphere. While drinking a sundowner drink on Samaki Tatu’s terrace to finish the day, with a little luck, elephants or buffaloes will come by to say good night.

  • Rooms 5 x double rooms (en-suite bathrooms)
  • Rooms 1 x bunk-bedroom (up to 10 kids)
  • Board Service Full
  • Tips and drinks Not included
US $150
rack rate per person**
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**A minimum number of 8 people is required, since we do not mix our guests. You will have the place entirely for yourself.

Exemplary holiday week

Of course, our focus is coffee growing. However, we have put together a 7-day holiday program (flights not included) with a local safari company, which looks as follows:

Day 1: Arrival at the guesthouse, preferably around noon (depending on flights). Accommodation and exploration of the surrounding area.

Day 2: Safari to Manyara National Park. This park is only a 40-minute drive from the farm. It is one of the smallest, but most diverse and rewarding natural reserves in Tanzania with its 352 square-kilometres.

Day 3: Farm, coffee production and roasting – An insightful tour with our farm guide.

Day 4: Safari to the NgoroNgoro Crater. This national park is located in the south of the Serengeti and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 5: Visit the neighbouring town of Karatu, the local Secondary School, supported by the farm and the farm’s own kindergarten, accompanied by our guide.

Day 6: Relaxation at the house.

Day 7: Departure to Arusha and Kilimanjaro Airport. Souvenir shopping is possible on the way.